What do we do?

Regenerative Vanua has a key focus on addressing the weak linkages between urban tourists and rural communities as revealed in tourism expenditure data which is particularly disappointing especially given the degree of dependence of the industry on the stewardship of natural and cultural resources and the local people, these resources being key features which draw tourists to Vanuatu. While Vanuatu has had many ‘plans and strategies’ to better link the agriculture and tourism sectors prior to border closures there has been no meaningful advancements in this. Local suppliers actually stated that tourism businesses would always choose price over commitment to buying local produce and value-added products even if the quality of local goods was higher. 

Regenerative Vanua found an effective way to address leakage and encourage adaptation and resilience to external shocks such as COVID 19 and the impacts of climate change was to support local industry development in regenerative agritourism and food tourism experiences of traditional farms, local cuisine, and agribusiness. Through the development of these experiences, local markets and jobs are being created based on supporting rural farmers, rural women, more jobs in agri-processing facilities and more local products available on store shelves, for export and for sale within the tourism industry.

Regenerative Vanua develop, manage and oversee training and standards in Regenerative agritourism and food tourism and regenerative landscapes and farming. Regenerative Vanua are now taking these tools both regionally and internationally by partnering with NGO’s and development partners to further support the Regenerative Agritourism and food tourism movement.