Ms Votausi Mackenzie-Reur hold a Masters of Community Nutrition, Bachelor of Education. Ms Mackenzie-Reur is the Managing Director of Lapita Café Limited, Managing Director of Lapita Lodge, Director of Fibreglass Vanuatu Limited and Director of Pacific Polyanks Limited. Ms Mackenzie-Reur was the host in 2018 & 2019 for the Pacific Island Food Revolution, which aims at bringing pride for local cuisine back into the lives of Pacific islanders’ households as the countries face Non-Communicable Diseases crisis and most recently COVID-19. Ms Mackenzier-Reur is a role model as a business woman and nutritional behaviour change specialist. Ms Mackenzier-Reur has over 30 years experience in empowering and inspiring Ni Vaunatu to make good food choices within their own communities, through traditional knowledge of local foods and how they’re prepared.

In 2021, Ms Mackenzie-Reur was appointed by the Vanuatu Government as the Food Tourism and Agritourism Initiative Programme Co-ordinator which she led the team to win an Island Innovations Award. Ms Mackenzie-Reur co-founded Regenerative Vanua and has now been recently appointed as Chair of the Board for Regenerative Vanua.