Agritourism Operator: Michele Raikatalau

Business Name: V-Organic and Famile (Leila Jacobe)


Location: Rentapao, Efate, SHEFA Province

Business Description: Famile Jacobe Limited have an organic farm – working in respect with nature, Leila states they have a strong message to deliver in regard to the principles of regenerative faming, working with nature and protecting the soil. Their property is located in North Efate on 376 Hectares and is seeking to develop many more eco-friendly opportunities such as the production of organic fertilisers. Leila suggests attracting visitors on site is a first step by offering a farm stay where they can stay and enjoy local food produced by the farm. Their farm tour consists of a fruit orchard walk, Livestock farm

tours, sea front tour and has a range of livestock and crops such as: cattle, ducks & quails, tamanu oil, noni juice, vegetables and tropical fruits. They attract many locals’ visitors such as children as this tour is directed at an educational experience to encourage children into a farming career, but also, they seek to attract international tourists once the borders open as they have sea front bungalows and camping area for tents.