Agritourism Operator: Jennifer Neil Jones

Business Name: The Secret Garden Outdoor Cultural Tours and Accommodation


Location: Mele, Efate, SHEFA Province

Business Description: The Secret Garden Outdoor Cultural Tour and accommodation offer an educational Agri tour of their diverse agroforestry garden. Their business began in 2005 with the purpose is to educate visitors about Vanuatu’s culture and history. Jennifer developed signage for visitors to read about Vanuatu’s history, traditions and cultures. The Agri tour also includes medicinal plant tour and learning about the variety of flora and native and fruit trees.  They also do traditional cooking demonstrations and island feasts for visitors to experience the taste of local cuisine. During this experience they also provide cultural dances and kava drinking. There is also accommodation with nine bungalows and a bar, restaurant and pool. Within the facility there is a souvenir shop for visitors to purchase local handicrafts and products.  Jennifer targets cruise ship visitors, visitors by plane, and education institutions, such as primary and secondary schools. They also have work attachments for secondary school students in particular, housekeeping, bar tendering and tour guides. Jennifer has a diverse range of knowledge and background that enables her to promote her history, culture and traditions in her Agri tours.  Her close proximity to the wharf and large resorts and hotels gives her an advantage for attracting visitors and she caters for all types.