Agritourism Operator: Julia King

Business Name: The Kavahouse Limited


Location: Mele, Efate, SHEFA Province

Business Description: The Kavahouse Limited offers an educational Agri tour of the growing methods, large scale kava production and processing, market selling, and the traditional customs and activities associated with kava. The Agri tour also consist of a medicinal plant tour, Nursery (Floriculture/fruit trees/native trees) walks and ends with a Kava harvesting and drinking experience served in a traditional half coconut. After the Agri tour visitors come to the Kavahouse store where a wide variety of Kava based products are sold. The Kavahouse also export and sell dried kava chips/roots/powder and related kava products. Julia sees Vanuatu Kava as renowned throughout the world and believes if all of Vanuatu can embrace that for what it is, everyone can sell the destination via the wonderful things Kava is doing to the lives of local people amidst the global pandemic. Julia is also an advocate for collaboration between locally owned businesses and promoting each other to expand market reach.