Agritourism Operator: Benson Samuels

Business Name: Tanna Coffee Lokotai


Location: Lokotai, Lenakel, Tanna, TAFEA Province

Business Description: Tanna Coffee Lokotai are in the process of developing a Agri tour of their unique Tanna Coffee experience. Benson offers a coffee story of seed to sip and finishes in the Tanna Coffee gift shop and farmers cafe. The education Agri tour offers information about the coffee History in Vanuatu; a nursery-farm experience; coffee processing and factory experience; diversification activities such as orchids, and honey production. The Agri tour costs 1500VT for Adults which also include 1 free 500g Tanna Coffee. The business prior to COVID-19 and TC Harold was profitable with a consistent number of bookings. After the pandemic, Benson has been expanding into many other farming activities as an adaptation strategy which will add more agri experiences to the tour.