Agritourism Operator: George Atkin

Business Name: Tammes Bungalow


Location: Gaua, Banks Islands, TORBA Province

Business Description: Tammes Bungalow offer accommodation and cultural Agri tours of the island. George sources local food from his gardens to serve to guests providing a fame to plate experience. The cost of accommodation and Agri Tours before COVID-19 was 2,500VT per head for single bungalow and 4,000VT per adult for double bungalows. This is without meals. After COVID-19 George changed the price to attract the domestic market and now offers meals inclusive. George sources the food he serves to guests mostly from his gardens. He also serves wild harvest fish and prawns from the river, and catches fish, lobster and other seafoods from the sea. George also takes

guests to hunt for coconut crabs and flying foxes and serves these as authentic and exotic meals. George provides a variety of tours which included, cultural tours to the villages and water music performances, visits to the volcano and the biggest lake in Vanuatu, and Agri tours of his gardens and rainforest. To adapt during border restrictions George has been working in the coconut plantations to make copra to help maintain the bungalow. He also continues to do gardening and have small livestock to sustain his family’s livelihood.