Agritourism Operator: Rachael David

Business Name: Pui Lodge and Tours


Location: Luganville, Santo, SANMA Province

Business Description: We offer garden tours and get our guests to work in the garden with our families from planting, weeding, harvesting and cooking and sharing the meals.  We also have small livestock on site with chicken and eggs and have small ponds of tilapia fish. Other tours include tour to our village especially to Port Olry, East Santo, Melanesian Cave, Cultural event at Fanafo, Blue Hole and snorkelling. Tours are organized sometimes based on visitors’ request. The cost of tours ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 vatu per day. The status of business before COVID-19 and TC Harold was good as continue to have guests staying at the Lodge and organizing tours for them. After the pandemic and TC Harold, one of our main building was totally destroyed. We do not have any guests at the moment, so we are focusing out catering services and agricultural activities.