Agritourism Operator: Ken Bob

Business Name: Nusumetu Ecotour


Location: Green Hill Tanna, TAFEA Province

Business Description: Nusumetu is located in one of the areas of North Tanna with some of the best remnant forests, including two endemic palm species. The Nusumetu Ecotour offers a cultural, environmental and agritourism educational experience. Nusumetu Ecotour is situated in a sacred site, with many big rocks on its southern hill side that were regarded as spirits acting as a barrier to people entering the area, making the area a ‘tabu’ conservation area. This ancestral custom is supported by later generations, who consider the ‘tabu’ site a conservation area. Later in 2006, the Landholders Conservation Initiatives Project (LCIP) hosted by the Department of Environmental Protection and Conservation worked with the communities for four years and strengthened the initiative. LCIP support has increased the resources in the CCA. Five tribes at Green Hill now work together to manage the Eco tour and protect the area. Green Hill also has a botanical garden where the LCIP project provided

required management assistance.The Agri tour component focuses largely on the Carpocylon Palm which is an endemic species in Vanuatu and only found in this conservation area. The uses of the Palm are the trunk that can be used to build a local house, traditional medicine and the fruit is used to make oil. There is also cultural significance of the Palm. Caryota Palm is a food source after the cyclone when there are limited food sources available. The Agri tour also consists of kava tasting, traditional food preparation, weaving baskets and a cultural dance.