Agritourism Operator: Racar Seracar

Business Name: Loru Forest Carbon Project/Loru Community Conservation Tour


Location: East Santo, SANMA Province

Business Description: The Loru Forest Carbon Project and Community Conservation Tour is owned and managed by Ser-thiac clan and a board of Governance in which Chief Skip Ser is the chairman. Loru also employs rangers who manage the agroforestry area in Loru. The community offer a traditional Agroforestry farm tour, and farm to table experience (including harvesting your own meal), harvesting of tropical fruits and vegetables, and an educational experience into value adding local Indigenous nuts, livestock farm tours, nursery (Floriculture/fruit trees/native trees) educational tour and a rainforest walk and information session about their carbon project. Ser-thiac is a carbon business where carbon is sold at the international market as a product originally produced in the Loru Forest Conservation Area. Their carbon business set up has been operating for 6 years with a very strong governance. They have a very strong partnership with other stakeholders (Nakau Programme, Vanuatu Skills Partnership and Live & Learn Vanuatu).