Agritourism Operator: Jessy (Saksak) Temar

Business Name: Lonwolwol Lake Side


Location: Lonwolwol Village, West Ambrym, PENAMA Province

Description of Business: Lonwolwol Lakeside is a family operated business that was established in 2013 (100years after the Volcanic eruption). Jessy offers local accommodation (island bungalow) and land & sea based Agi tours as well as cultural tours of a historical site (first mission hospital used to be located here however was destroyed by Volcanic eruption back on 7th December 1913). As an adaptation strategy due to border restrictions Jessy has moved heavily into agriculture and has expanded his gardens to include watermelon, tomatoes, and other crops that are in high demand. This agricultural expansion is also adding value to his Agri tour in which he seeks to develop a farm to table harvesting experience. He is also located in a good area for viewing Medgapod birds which are endemic to Vanuatu (site has now become a conservation site). Jessy has also expanded into fishing and selling to nearby islands which he intends to add into his Agri tour.