Mr Leonid Vusilai holds certificates in IFSTAL Food Systems training, Hospitality, Commercial cookery and Culinary Arts and Pastry with the Australia Pacific Technical College and University of the South Pacific. Mr Vusilai is a member of the Vanuatu Chefs and Food Handlers Association, Vanuatu Young Chefs Club and the APTC Alumni. Mr Vusilai was the winner of Season 1 of the Pacific Island Food Revolution and attributed winning the competition to his ability to develop unique and innovative cuisine based on his traditional knowledge. Mr Vusilai has also won a number of awards in culinary competitions in addition to having over ten years experience in creating innovative culinary recipes that are nutritionally dense and based on Vanuatu’s traditional knowledge systems. Mr Vusilai is driven by his passion for decolonising Vanuatu’s cuisine and empowering local chefs to restore pride in Vanuatu’s food culture through the Food Tourism and Agritourism Initiative and supporting agritourism operators to be ambassadors for our local and traditional cuisine.