Agritourism Operator: Michael Thompson

Business Name: Jungle Zipline


Location: Mele, Efate, SHEFA Province

Business Description: Michael’s existing business the Jungle Zipline is a unique rainforest experience at height. They offer the opportunity to soar through the jungle canopy and experience breathtaking views overlooking Mele bay and Port Vila. They have two courses: the Tree Top Tour or our Zip Trek Tour. Designed for those of average mobility and strength who are in reasonably good health. Ages 4 to 89. Weight restriction 125kgs. The tour is a 3-hour return trip from town Their Jungle Zipline business has a proven ability to deliver quality products to market. In an attempt to adapt due to significant loss of bookings due to border restrictions they are now diversifying into agroforestry to find alternative income revenues and keep staff employed.  They  currently adding a nut and cocoa agroforestry plantation as a major attraction and supplier to the market. Their tour will link up with Gaston Chocolate and include a macadamia nut plantation and cocoa farm tour, and roasting, chocolate coating to the consumer. Michael demonstrates a leading example in adaptation and business resilience.