Agritourism Operator: William Smith Mala (on behalf of Daniel Quarang)

Business Name: Hanare Kastom Village Tour


Location: Maewo Island, PENAMA Province

Business Description: Hanare Kastom Village Tour offers a cultural experience that showcases and preserves the unique kastom of Hanare village, Maewo. They have 10 different activities including traditional food preparation, prawn harvesting, water taro harvesting, kastom dancing, and river swimming. It is locally based, using only local foods, materials and knowledge to offer a special experience for visitors. The community use the Agri tour as a way to help preserve the kastom & culture of their village, island, province, and Vanuatu. They believe by sharing their sharing their kastom and culture it aids in keeping it alive and passing it to new generations. To adapt to border restrictions the community have been selling kava and market produce preparing local food for the 20VT kakai markets.