Agritourism Operator: Olivier Fernandez

Business Name: Gaston Chocolate


Location: Port Vila, Efate, SHEFA Province

Business Description: Gaston Chocolate have designed a space to keep customers at the heart of the very careful chocolate making art. Oliver believes everyone should experience chocolate in its purest form. Visitors get to interact with Olivier and his team and witness every step of the process. Gaston chocolate roast at low temperatures to preserve the fine flavours, they show the process of winnow which is the removal of husks and breaking the bean to small pieces after which it’s refined and blended. Next, they temper the chocolate over a 48 hours process to really achieve the blended creamy smooth flavours. Finally the process finishes with hand wrapping every bar lovingly ready for sales. Their labels are inspired by 19th and early 20th monetary notes, maps of the Vanuatu archipelago and drawings of the Melanesian Culture, each bar is a celebration of Vanuatu’s unique style. Their shop in Port Vila is a place to showcase all of their products.

 Olivier is now collaborating with Jungle Zipline to link Michael’s cocoa agroforestry farm to their chocolate tour offering a farm to production educational Agri tour. Olivier believes that beyond the discovery of chocolate crafting, there is a story to take away and a unique retail experience.