Agritourism Operator: Carolyn Ernst

Business Name: Eden on the River and Yoku Farm Tour


Business Description: Yoku Farm was purchased by Joe & Carolyn Ernst in 2005. In its early days, it was affectionately called “The Ernst Nut Farm” and they had no clear idea of where this journey would take them, Carolyn only knew that it was time for a new adventure. Initially Yoku farmed free-range chickens for commercial egg production- however, they slowly transitioned to farming free-range pigs. The business model leans naturally towards farm gate sales of live pigs and their focus is on improving pig breeding for local conditions. Yoku pigs can now be found in every province of Vanuatu. Around the property, Vanuatu’s largest collection of tropical fruit trees (mostly imported from Australia) grows to provide shelter to the animals and provide some very interesting fruit. Ice-cream bean, Rollinia and Grumichama just to name some funky ones. Eden on the River officially opened in April 2010 and offers Agri tours that showcase the natural beauty of the property, which borders on the Rentapau River, including their hero tour “The Bridges of Eden”. Every Agri tour offers a tropical tasting platter at the end, and always features a mix of fruits grown on property and fruits purchased at road stalls in their local area.

They also have a local food cafe, which was first called the Eden Tea House. Currently, their menu features a blend of local purchases and a few things grown on our farm, however, their aim is to develop this into a fully-fledged paddock to plate experience, with menu items incorporating their own pork, lamb and fruits and vegetables grown in our extensive gardens. Currently, they are working on Agri tours that will offer a more educational experience with cooking demonstrations and working farm tours, including a farm stay.