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Agritourism Operator: Sandrine Wallez
Business Name: ACTIV- AELAN Chocolate makers


Location: Efate, SHEFA Province

Business Description: ACTIV Association is a local NGO with two socially responsible businesses (Aelan Chocolate Makers and ACTIV Limited) supporting the core activity of the association. Their Agri tour is located at the ACTIV Centre at the Second Lagoon and shows visitors how their Aelan Chocolate and extra Virgin Coconut Oil is produced from beans to bar and coconut to oil. The tour is priced low at 500VT per person to attract families to the ACTIV centre to encourage sales in the Island shop which has been a very successful strategy for increasing sales of their locally made products. The Agri tour lasts approximately 30 minutes with tasting. People can take a tour or access directly free of charge the Island Shop, where products from the Islands are for sale (Handicrafts, chocolate, oils, kava etc).



Agritourism Operator: Susan Garae

Name of Business: Aore Coffee Producers and Tours


Location: South East Aore Island, SANMA Province

Business Description: Aore Coffee Producers Tour offer a coffee plantation to cup tours experience on Aore Island. Susan has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects from growing coffee, to harvesting, processing and of course making a fantastic coffee. Visitors book direct from their face book page or email and some are booked through SANMA Information centre. The cost of tours are Adults 3,800VT and Children 1,900VT and includes return trip from Santo Luganville Wharf. The tour was operating successfully prior to COVID-19 and TC Harold with a consistent number of bookings. After the pandemic and TC Harold, they are now only open on Sundays for domestic visitors and breakfast at their Aore Coffee Cafe. They continue to sell Aore coffee to supermarkets, retail shops and to the public at large.



Agritourism Operator: Bebetu Jingo

Name of Business: Birihia Guest House By the Sea


Location: Avunabacura Village, West Malo, SANMA Province

Business Description: “Birihia Guest House By the Sea” offers accommodation for domestic and international visitors and cultural and traditional tours of the lifestyle of the island. Nambrihia which the name of the guest house is derived from refers to Malo’s traditional sharpening rock which was used for sharping stone tools for tribal wars and farming. The tours include show casing this traditional landmark and its uses, stick dance which are unique in the province and forest and farm walk where they lean about the islands traditional farming systems, traditional medicines and uses of forest products for the survival of the inhabitants of the island. The visitors also take part in harvesting seasonal traditional root crops, vegetables, nuts and fruits, fishing, hunting for crabs and experience cooking them island style and sharing the meals with the family member of Birihia Guest House By the Sea. For children’s activities, one special traditional



Agritourism Operator: Daniel Ben

Business Name: Blue Cave Tanna Tour


Location: Laus, North West Tanna, TAFEA Province

Business Description: Blue Cave tour is accessed either by boat or road and at low tide you can swim right under the rock ledge that takes you into the cave and at high tide you will need to swim underwater for a very short distance, where you will then come up in the cave. The cave is quite large and has a hole in the roof that provides a beautiful light, which shines into the cave highlighting the blue water and creating great photo opportunities. There are also ladders that go up the cliff to a small area on top where you can relax in a hammock, check out the cave roof hole from above, talk to the friendly local family who own the Blue Cave or just enjoy the views of the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Daniel also provides fishing tours in addition to the cave tour where you also learn traditional ways of preparing your catch. The tours start at 2000VT and increase depending on the activities selected. The Blue Cave local owners Daniel and Rachel have also recently built a bungalow on top of the ridge above the Blue Cave where you can stay overnight and get even more time to enjoy the Blue Cave and nearby attractions.



Agritourism Operator: Cecil Lonsdale

Business Name: Dori Lagoon Bungalow


Location: Rah, Banks Islands, TORBA Province

Business Description: Dori Lagoon Bungalow is locally made bungalow located on a white sandy beach on Rah island. They also offer a farm tour and farm to table experiences (including harvesting your own meal), the farm tour also includes an education experience in livestock and spices. Cecil operates a family island bungalow with an Intergraded backyard farming as part of the farm to table experience. They cater to both international and domestic visitors such as Government workers, NGO’s and church groups including schools site visitations. Their strength is having the support of community.








Agritourism Operator: Carolyn Ernst

Business Name: Eden on the River and Yoku Farm Tour


Business Description: Yoku Farm was purchased by Joe & Carolyn Ernst in 2005. In its early days, it was affectionately called “The Ernst Nut Farm” and they had no clear idea of where this journey would take them, Carolyn only knew that it was time for a new adventure. Initially Yoku farmed free-range chickens for commercial egg production- however, they slowly transitioned to farming free-range pigs. The business model leans naturally towards farm gate sales of live pigs and their focus is on improving pig breeding for local conditions. Yoku pigs can now be found in every province of Vanuatu. Around the property, Vanuatu’s largest collection of tropical fruit trees (mostly imported from Australia) grows to provide shelter to the animals and provide some very interesting fruit. Ice-cream bean, Rollinia and Grumichama just to name some funky ones. Eden on the River officially opened in April 2010 and offers Agri tours that showcase the natural beauty of the property, which borders on the Rentapau River, including their hero tour “The Bridges of Eden”. Every Agri tour offers a tropical tasting platter at the end, and always features a mix of fruits grown on property and fruits purchased at road stalls in their local area.

They also have a local food cafe, which was first called the Eden Tea House. Currently, their menu features a blend of local purchases and a few things grown on our farm, however, their aim is to develop this into a fully-fledged paddock to plate experience, with menu items incorporating their own pork, lamb and fruits and vegetables grown in our extensive gardens. Currently, they are working on Agri tours that will offer a more educational experience with cooking demonstrations and working farm tours, including a farm stay.



Agritourism Operator: Michele Raikatalau

Business Name: V-Organic and Famile (Leila Jacobe)


Location: Rentapao, Efate, SHEFA Province

Business Description: Famile Jacobe Limited have an organic farm – working in respect with nature, Leila states they have a strong message to deliver in regard to the principles of regenerative faming, working with nature and protecting the soil. Their property is located in North Efate on 376 Hectares and is seeking to develop many more eco-friendly opportunities such as the production of organic fertilisers. Leila suggests attracting visitors on site is a first step by offering a farm stay where they can stay and enjoy local food produced by the farm. Their farm tour consists of a fruit orchard walk, Livestock farm



Agritourism Operator: Olivier Fernandez

Business Name: Gaston Chocolate


Location: Port Vila, Efate, SHEFA Province

Business Description: Gaston Chocolate have designed a space to keep customers at the heart of the very careful chocolate making art. Oliver believes everyone should experience chocolate in its purest form. Visitors get to interact with Olivier and his team and witness every step of the process. Gaston chocolate roast at low temperatures to preserve the fine flavours, they show the process of winnow which is the removal of husks and breaking the bean to small pieces after which it’s refined and blended. Next, they temper the chocolate over a 48 hours process to really achieve the blended creamy smooth flavours. Finally the process finishes with hand wrapping every bar lovingly ready for sales. Their labels are inspired by 19th and early 20th monetary notes, maps of the Vanuatu archipelago and drawings of the Melanesian Culture, each bar is a celebration of Vanuatu’s unique style. Their shop in Port Vila is a place to showcase all of their products.



Agritourism Operator: William Smith Mala (on behalf of Daniel Quarang)

Business Name: Hanare Kastom Village Tour


Location: Maewo Island, PENAMA Province

Business Description: Hanare Kastom Village Tour offers a cultural experience that showcases and preserves the unique kastom of Hanare village, Maewo. They have 10 different activities including traditional food preparation, prawn harvesting, water taro harvesting, kastom dancing, and river swimming. It is locally based, using only local foods, materials and knowledge to offer a special experience for visitors. The community use the Agri tour as a way to help preserve the kastom & culture of their village, island, province, and Vanuatu. They believe by sharing their sharing their kastom and culture it aids in keeping it alive and passing it to new generations. To adapt to border restrictions the community have been selling kava and market produce preparing local food for the 20VT kakai markets.



Agritourism Operator: Kelson Hosea

Business Name: Jungle Oasis Bungalows


Location: South East Tanna, TAFEA Province

Business Description: Jungle Oasis is right at the base of the Yasur volcano close to the Volcano entrance. It has simple, clean and basic accommodation and the tree house is a memorable experience. Electricity is available every evening for lighting and charging of electrical devices (mobile phones, cameras, etc.) Jungle Oasis offer a slow food and local cuisine experience with all of their meals. The great asset of Jungle Oasis is the location which enables you to go on the morning tour of the volcano departing at 4.00 am, which is a must



Agritourism Operator: Michael Thompson

Business Name: Jungle Zipline


Location: Mele, Efate, SHEFA Province

Business Description: Michael’s existing business the Jungle Zipline is a unique rainforest experience at height. They offer the opportunity to soar through the jungle canopy and experience breathtaking views overlooking Mele bay and Port Vila. They have two courses: the Tree Top Tour or our Zip Trek Tour. Designed for those of average mobility and strength who are in reasonably good health. Ages 4 to 89. Weight restriction 125kgs. The tour is a 3-hour return trip from town Their Jungle Zipline business has a proven ability to deliver quality products to market. In an attempt to adapt due to significant loss of bookings due to border restrictions they are now diversifying into agroforestry to find alternative income revenues and keep staff employed.  They are



Agritourism Operator: Votausi Mackenzie-Reur

Name of Business: Lapita Café Limited


Location: Port Vila, Efate, SHEFA Province & Luganville, Santo, SANMA Province

Business Description: Lapita provides locally sourced and manufactured food products throughout Vanuatu and sometimes abroad. The company has developed its expertise since its establishment in 1999 and its aim is to achieve a high standard of satisfaction and service to its customers. The company process the following products: tamarind, mango and pawpaw sauces & relish; tamarind Sweet Chilli Sauce, choko and vegetable Relish; pawpaw & ginger jam and mango jam; dried local fruits; dried banana and pineapple; root vegetable chips; taro and banana salted chips; gluten free manioc flour; assorted flavoured cookies using local nuts and spices and Lapita’s own gluten free flour as the main ingredient and Indigenous nuts such as nangai (Canarium Indicum) which are dried, roasted, salted or sugar coated or made into pure oil. The nangi is wildly harvested by women throughout the islands.



Agritourism Operator: Racar Seracar

Business Name: Loru Forest Carbon Project/Loru Community Conservation Tour


Location: East Santo, SANMA Province

Business Description: The Loru Forest Carbon Project and Community Conservation Tour is owned and managed by Ser-thiac clan and a board of Governance in which Chief Skip Ser is the chairman. Loru also employs rangers who manage the agroforestry area in Loru. The community offer a traditional Agroforestry farm tour, and farm to table experience (including harvesting your own meal), harvesting of tropical fruits and vegetables, and an educational experience into value adding local Indigenous nuts, livestock farm tours, nursery (Floriculture/fruit trees/native trees) educational tour and a rainforest walk and information session about their carbon project. Ser-thiac is a carbon business where carbon is sold at the international market as a product originally produced in the Loru Forest Conservation Area. Their carbon business set up has been operating for 6 years with a very strong governance. They have a very strong partnership with other stakeholders (Nakau Programme, Vanuatu Skills Partnership and Live & Learn Vanuatu).


Agritourism Operator: Jessy (Saksak) Temar

Business Name: Lonwolwol Lake Side


Location: Lonwolwol Village, West Ambrym, PENAMA Province

Description of Business: Lonwolwol Lakeside is a family operated business that was established in 2013 (100years after the Volcanic eruption). Jessy offers local accommodation (island bungalow) and land & sea based Agi tours as well as cultural tours of a historical site (first mission hospital used to be located here however was destroyed by Volcanic eruption back on 7th December 1913). As an adaptation strategy due to border restrictions Jessy has moved heavily into agriculture and has expanded his gardens to include watermelon, tomatoes, and other crops that are in high demand. This agricultural expansion is also adding value to his Agri tour in which he seeks to develop a farm to table harvesting experience. He is also located in a good area for viewing Medgapod birds which are endemic to Vanuatu (site has now become a conservation site). Jessy has also expanded into fishing and selling to nearby islands which he intends to add into his Agri tour.




Agritourism Operator: Kalo Nathaniel

Business Name: Malog Bungalows and Farm Tour


Location: Makelines, MALAMPA Province

Description of Business: Malog Bungalows and farm tour are a longstanding successful locally owned and managed Agritourism business. Kalo and Nina offer Agri tours with Trek Vanuatu, in addition to local cuisine demonstrations and farm to table experiences. They also organise and manage conferences and special events. Their Agri tours consist of trekking through the rainforest and learning about Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP), as well as horse riding, fishing tours, snorkelling, and sky viewing. Their waterside bungalows are located in Peskaru village Agri tours and accommodation are 2,600VT per person per night including breakfast. The 3 bungalows sleep up to 6, with double, single and triple rooms available. Kalo has years of experience as a professional local cuisine chef and provides local cuisine meals for 700VT or 1500VT if there’s lobster. Kalo is also President of the Vanuatu Agritourism Association.


Agritourism Operator: Ken Bob

Business Name: Nusumetu Ecotour


Location: Green Hill Tanna, TAFEA Province

Business Description: Nusumetu is located in one of the areas of North Tanna with some of the best remnant forests, including two endemic palm species. The Nusumetu Ecotour offers a cultural, environmental and agritourism educational experience. Nusumetu Ecotour is situated in a sacred site, with many big rocks on its southern hill side that were regarded as spirits acting as a barrier to people entering the area, making the area a ‘tabu’ conservation area. This ancestral custom is supported by later generations, who consider the ‘tabu’ site a conservation area. Later in 2006, the Landholders Conservation Initiatives Project (LCIP) hosted by the Department of Environmental Protection and Conservation worked with the communities for four years and strengthened the initiative. LCIP support has increased the resources in the CCA. Five tribes at Green Hill now work together to manage the Eco tour and protect the area. Green Hill also has a botanical garden where the LCIP project provided



Agritourism Operator: Rachael David

Business Name: Pui Lodge and Tours


Location: Luganville, Santo, SANMA Province

Business Description: We offer garden tours and get our guests to work in the garden with our families from planting, weeding, harvesting and cooking and sharing the meals.  We also have small livestock on site with chicken and eggs and have small ponds of tilapia fish. Other tours include tour to our village especially to Port Olry, East Santo, Melanesian Cave, Cultural event at Fanafo, Blue Hole and snorkelling. Tours are organized sometimes based on visitors’ request. The cost of tours ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 vatu per day. The status of business before COVID-19 and TC Harold was good as continue to have guests staying at the Lodge and organizing tours for them. After the pandemic and TC Harold, one of our main building was totally destroyed. We do not have any guests at the moment, so we are focusing out catering services and agricultural activities.


Agritourism Operator: Young Dini

Business Name: Rah Paradise Bungalow


Location: Rah, Banks Islands, TORBA Province

Business Description: Rah Paradise Bungalows is run by the family Dini and is established by Father Luke (June 2017) in 1993. Rah Paradise Bungalows is the largest provider of accommodation on the small island. Currently the offer includes a family bungalow with two separate rooms (twin bed) and a beach bungalow with space for two people in a twin bed. In addition, there are two first generation bungalows, which will be replaced by two beach bungalows with two rooms each by the end of August 2019. All family and beach bungalows have a private bathroom with water connection. The family Dini offers the stay on Rah Island in an all-inclusive version. The kitchen team indulges the guests daily with freshly cooked food, which comes from the surrounding areas. In addition, visitors can book various day trips and many other activities on site. Rah Island is a beautiful and one could say paradise-like Island but the most special part of Rah is the authentic kindness and open-hearted mentality of our people


Agritourism Operator: Ina Serah Toka

Business Name: Serah, Botanical Garden Tour


Location: Shark Bay, Santo, SANMA Province

Business Description: Serah’s Enchanted and Botanic Garden is situated in Shark Bay village, a 35-minute drive from Luganville. Ina Serah Toka offers an educational Agri tour of the surrounding nature with a collection of different species of plants including trees, flowers, traditional bush medicines, local root crops and vegetables, fruits and more. The gardens are home to more than 50 different trees and species of plants and has the largest variety of hibiscus in Vanuatu. The tour lasts around 30 minutes with an easy walk through the flower gardens finishing at their river for a swim and picnic. The cost of the tour is 1000VT per person. The botanic gardens are also in the stages to become a Conservation Area which contributes to managing the environment for future generation. Ina is now in the stages of developing a




Agritourism Operator: Tusavaka Marango

Business Name: Taloa Coffee Tour, Nasi Tuan


Location: Lenakel, North Tanna, TAFEA Province

Business Description: We offer accommodation and cultural tour and sightseeing in the island. The cost Accommodation and Tours. Price before COVID-19 is 2,500VT per head for single bungalow and 4,000 per adult for double bungalows. This is without meals. After COVID-19 price is the same but with meals. We source the foods we serve to our guests mostly from our gardens, wild harvest fish and prawns from the river, and get fish and lobster and other seafoods from the sea. We also hunt for coconut crabs and will birds and flying foxes and serve these as authentic and exotic meals. We provide a variety of tours which included, cultural tours to the villages and forests and introduce to visitors our water music performances, visit the volcano and the biggest lake in Vanuatu which is located on our island. After the



Agritourism Operator: George Atkin

Business Name: Tammes Bungalow


Location: Gaua, Banks Islands, TORBA Province

Business Description: Tammes Bungalow offer accommodation and cultural Agri tours of the island. George sources local food from his gardens to serve to guests providing a fame to plate experience. The cost of accommodation and Agri Tours before COVID-19 was 2,500VT per head for single bungalow and 4,000VT per adult for double bungalows. This is without meals. After COVID-19 George changed the price to attract the domestic market and now offers meals inclusive. George sources the food he serves to guests mostly from his gardens. He also serves wild harvest fish and prawns from the river, and catches fish, lobster and other seafoods from the sea. George also takes

Agritourism Operator: Benson Samuels

Business Name: Tanna Coffee Lokotai


Location: Lokotai, Lenakel, Tanna, TAFEA Province

Business Description: Tanna Coffee Lokotai are in the process of developing a Agri tour of their unique Tanna Coffee experience. Benson offers a coffee story of seed to sip and finishes in the Tanna Coffee gift shop and farmers cafe. The education Agri tour offers information about the coffee History in Vanuatu; a nursery-farm experience; coffee processing and factory experience; diversification activities such as orchids, and honey production. The Agri tour costs 1500VT for Adults which also include 1 free 500g Tanna Coffee. The business prior to COVID-19 and TC Harold was profitable with a consistent number of bookings. After the pandemic, Benson has been expanding into many other farming activities as an adaptation strategy which will add more agri experiences to the tour.





Agritourism Operator: Julia King

Business Name: The Kavahouse Limited


Location: Mele, Efate, SHEFA Province

Business Description: The Kavahouse Limited offers an educational Agri tour of the growing methods, large scale kava production and processing, market selling, and the traditional customs and activities associated with kava. The Agri tour also consist of a medicinal plant tour, Nursery (Floriculture/fruit trees/native trees) walks and ends with a Kava harvesting and drinking experience served in a traditional half coconut. After the Agri tour visitors come to the Kavahouse store where a wide variety of Kava based products are sold. The Kavahouse also export and sell dried kava chips/roots/powder and related kava products. Julia sees Vanuatu Kava as renowned throughout the world and believes if all of Vanuatu can embrace that for what it is, everyone can sell the destination via the wonderful things Kava is doing to the lives of local people amidst the global pandemic. Julia is also an advocate for collaboration between locally owned businesses and promoting each other to expand market reach.



Agritourism Operator: Jennifer Neil Jones

Business Name: The Secret Garden Outdoor Cultural Tours and Accommodation


Location: Mele, Efate, SHEFA Province

Business Description: The Secret Garden Outdoor Cultural Tour and accommodation offer an educational Agri tour of their diverse agroforestry garden. Their business began in 2005 with the purpose is to educate visitors about Vanuatu’s culture and history. Jennifer developed signage for visitors to read about Vanuatu’s history, traditions and cultures. The Agri tour also includes medicinal plant tour and learning about the variety of flora and native and fruit trees.  They also do traditional cooking demonstrations and island feasts for visitors to experience the taste of local cuisine. During this experience they also provide cultural dances and kava drinking. There is also accommodation with nine bungalows and a bar, restaurant and pool. Within the facility there is a souvenir shop for visitors to purchase local handicrafts and products.  Jennifer targets cruise ship visitors, visitors by plane, and education institutions, such as primary and secondary schools. They also have work attachments for secondary school students in particular, housekeeping, bar tendering and tour guides. Jennifer has a diverse range of knowledge and background that enables her to promote her history, culture and traditions in her Agri tours.  Her close proximity to the wharf and large resorts and hotels gives her an advantage for attracting visitors and she caters for all types.


Agritourism Operator: Hudison Mumeg

Business Name: Vanua Lava Farm Stay and Tours

Location: Vanua lava, Banks Islands, TORBA Province

Business Description: Vanua Lava Farm Stay and tours offers a traditional farm tour through their tropical fruit orchard, spices garden and rainforest. Visitors are able to harvest and taste an array of local foods and learn about traditional farming. The tour is 3000VT per person and include transport by truck. Hudison also offers a fame to table experience for guests staying at his locally made bungalow.






Name: Barry Sawa

Name of Business: Village De Santo Community Garden Project


Location: Luganville, SANMA Province

Business Description: The Community Garden Project was initiated in April 2020 by Village de Santo Resort owners in a response to the impacts on the resort from border restrictions. Village de Santo applied for a United Nations Development Program (UNDP) grant for supporting communities affected my Covid-19 Pandemic. The key aim of the project was to keep their staff employed while also supplying fresh produce for their families and local community. The project application was successful and the donation of 2 blocks of land 2,000m2 (two thousand square meters of land) by Village De Santo resort was the first step to start the project. This program intervention achieved the following objectives: created an employment opportunity for people affected by Covid-19; created a food supply for the community in Santo (Vanuatu) affected by cyclone Harold; created a communal garden for members of several community to work together and harvest the seeds of their efforts; gain knowledge and experience in self-governing and small project management; learn new methods of farming and land management. Barry and his team are now seeking to develop a backyard garden Agri tour and farm to table experience. All team members are currently learning the principles of backyard gardening from the Department of Agriculture and have received product development support from the agritourism team.