Agritourism Operator: Daniel Ben

Business Name: Blue Cave Tanna Tour


Location: Laus, North West Tanna, TAFEA Province

Business Description: Blue Cave tour is accessed either by boat or road and at low tide you can swim right under the rock ledge that takes you into the cave and at high tide you will need to swim underwater for a very short distance, where you will then come up in the cave. The cave is quite large and has a hole in the roof that provides a beautiful light, which shines into the cave highlighting the blue water and creating great photo opportunities. There are also ladders that go up the cliff to a small area on top where you can relax in a hammock, check out the cave roof hole from above, talk to the friendly local family who own the Blue Cave or just enjoy the views of the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Daniel also provides fishing tours in addition to the cave tour where you also learn traditional ways of preparing your catch. The tours start at 2000VT and increase depending on the activities selected. The Blue Cave local owners Daniel and Rachel have also recently built a bungalow on top of the ridge above the Blue Cave where you can stay overnight and get even more time to enjoy the Blue Cave and nearby attractions.