Agritourism Operator: Bebetu Jingo

Name of Business: Birihia Guest House By the Sea


Location: Avunabacura Village, West Malo, SANMA Province

Business Description: “Birihia Guest House By the Sea” offers accommodation for domestic and international visitors and cultural and traditional tours of the lifestyle of the island. Nambrihia which the name of the guest house is derived from refers to Malo’s traditional sharpening rock which was used for sharping stone tools for tribal wars and farming. The tours include show casing this traditional landmark and its uses, stick dance which are unique in the province and forest and farm walk where they lean about the islands traditional farming systems, traditional medicines and uses of forest products for the survival of the inhabitants of the island. The visitors also take part in harvesting seasonal traditional root crops, vegetables, nuts and fruits, fishing, hunting for crabs and experience cooking them island style and sharing the meals with the family member of Birihia Guest House By the Sea. For children’s activities, one special traditional activity that young boys learn is the stick dance. They have elders who teach this special dance but there has to be a small fee for this either using king yam or money. The visitor’s boys can attend this stick dance training as it is for boys only. The girls can be taught how to weave as Malo women are known for their famous mat hats. Currently the price for the tours is in the process of completion after the development of their activity plans. The cost of the accommodation is: Double Bungalow: 5,000VT per night. Twin Share Bungalow: 4,000VT per night. Meals are as follows: Breakfast: 500VT per head, Lunch 750VT per head and Dinner 1,500VT per head.