Agritourism Operator: Susan Garae

Name of Business: Aore Coffee Producers and Tours


Location: South East Aore Island, SANMA Province

Business Description: Aore Coffee Producers Tour offer a coffee plantation to cup tours experience on Aore Island. Susan has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects from growing coffee, to harvesting, processing and of course making a fantastic coffee. Visitors book direct from their face book page or email and some are booked through SANMA Information centre. The cost of tours are Adults 3,800VT and Children 1,900VT and includes return trip from Santo Luganville Wharf. The tour was operating successfully prior to COVID-19 and TC Harold with a consistent number of bookings. After the pandemic and TC Harold, they are now only open on Sundays for domestic visitors and breakfast at their Aore Coffee Cafe. They continue to sell Aore coffee to supermarkets, retail shops and to the public at large.